Cataract Surgery


What is a cataract?

A cataract is an opacity in the lens that blurs your vision.


How is cataract “fixed”?

Surgery is the only treatment for cataract. The operation is done under local anesthetic, with a sedative, in an operating theatre. The cataract is removed and a new Intraocular lens (IOL) is inserted into your eye. Usually the operation itself takes about 10-15 minutes.


Is cataract surgery dangerous?

You should only have cataract surgery if you need it. This depends on your visual requirements.

Modern cataract surgery is very safe and successful. Complications can happen but are uncommon.

Eyesight is precious – I do everything I can before, during and after each and every operation to make sure you have a safe and successful operation.


What can I expect after surgery?

After surgery the eye will usually see much better in the distance.
You will NOT however have clear reading vision – the lens in your eye is set for the distance, and you will need reading glasses.


Can I drive without glasses after surgery?

Usually after cataract surgery in BOTH EYES, 90% of patients can drive without glasses.


However, some patients will still want to wear multifocal glasses for convenience. Your optometrist will advise you what is the best solution for your needs


*Public patients

How can I have cataract surgery as a public patient?

I will give you waiting list forms for cataract surgery.

Current waiting times are approximately 9-12 months.


What about the other eye?

Under NSW Health rules, only one eye can be operated at a time. You will need to go on the waiting list again for the second eye.


*** NOTE: some patients who have “strong glasses” can feel visually “unbalanced” after cataract surgery in the first eye and may desire to have the second eye done more quickly.


Can I afford cataract surgery?

Cataract Surgery performed in a public hospital is FREE.

Typically, your OUT OF POCKET costs at this practice will be

– consultation fees (~$70 GAP a visit) for 2 visits

– special eye measurements to choose an implant for each eye ($100 GAP).


*Private Patients

If I had surgery privately, how much would it cost?

I perform surgery on private patients at Coffs Day Hospital. For patients without private hospital fund cover, your total out of pocket fees are typically about $4,000 per eye. The cost can vary depending on the IOL chosen. We can provide you with a customised quote once your eyes have been measured.


If I am in a health fund, how much would it cost?

There are no additional “GAP” charges for cataract surgery at this practice. We will bill your health fund directly.



*All consultations and tests are subsidized by Medicare.

Remember, cataract surgery does NOT fix near vision: you will still need reading glasses.